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Gift Lab: Gourmet Microwave Popcorn

March 24, 2016

Microwave Popcorn Popper


Microwave Popcorn Popper and Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Sets


I first became interested in popcorn as a toddler. Microwave popcorn didn’t exist yet, but painted wood toy popcorn did.

My first real adult job entailed working very long hours in an office where the only convenient food was in a vending machine. This led to consumption of bagged microwave popcorn packets accompanied by the creepy smell of chemical “butter.” (According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, conveyed in steam containing nearly four dozen chemicals, including the ink and glue on the bag). Years later, I discovered that microwave popcorn is just… popcorn. Any popcorn can be made in a microwave. I bought a microwave popcorn popper in December, 2006 and have been conducting experiments with it ever since.

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5 Ways to Attract Retail Buyers to Your Brand

March 16, 2016

attract retail buyers

*Editor’s note: For many artists, the idea of approaching retail buyers can seem intimidating. We’ve tapped Emilie Shapiro, jewelry designer, instructor and author of the new book, How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line, to share some ideas that budding entrepreneurs can use to attract retail buyers to their brand. 


1. Design a Marketable Collection

Whether you are starting from scratch or have created hundreds of pieces, making a collection is very different from designing just one piece. Designing a collection is about translating one design into many different forms. For example, when creating a jewelry collection, you should be able to translate a design for a ring into a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. Every customer will gravitate toward a certain type of piece. Some customers love rings and that is all they buy while other customers want pieces that go together. Retail buyers for a wholesale account will typically want to present the full collection so there is something for everyone.

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The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Personalities: Meet Danny Bui

March 16, 2016

Danny Bui | UncommonGoodsDanny Bui – UncommonGoods Software Developer, Technology

My hometown…
Brooklyn NY.

I’m inspired by…
Creativity and how people express themselves through various works of art.

Something that always makes me laugh…
My friends. We have our own little circle and each person brings their own type of humor to the table.

My favorite place to eat in New York City is…
Ramen Thukpa. They have some really tasty ramen. It’s a small little place but I’m always happy when I go there.

In other galaxies, I believe there is/are…
Hyper intelligent beings capable of visiting us. It’s just that we aren’t ready for them. Like Star Trek. 🙂

If I could become an expert on one thing that I’m not already, it would be…
Breakdancing. I like all the flares and tricks they can do.

The cheesiest thing I’ve ever loved is/was…
My middle school crush… who is now my girlfriend. 🙂

An uncommon fact about me…
I used to be an MC at a festival panel. I had to perform on stage and also rile up the crowd to motivate the participants.

The Uncommon Life

Instagram Challenge: SPRING CLEANING

March 16, 2016

Instagram Challenge | Spring Cleaning | UncommonGoods | Square

The next Instagram Challenge theme is Spring Cleaning. As you may have noticed, our blog just went through its own spring clean. All winter long, the blog team rolled up their sleeves and brainstormed ways to de-clutter, reorganize, and redesign The Goods. We’re still clearing some dusty corners, but we can all agree that the blog looks better than ever. We now have a clean slate to introduce you to more artists, help you discover uncommon facts, immerse yourself in creative design, and get to know the people who keep UncommonGoods going strong.

Whether it’s organizing your home for the new season, or clearing your closet for an updated wardrobe, we want to see how you’re tackling the annual clean-up!

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