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This or That? Unstoppable Stoppers & Cute Cups

June 23, 2011

Our City Harvest Design Challenge is going strong, and there’s still time to vote for your favorite Harvest Plate designs. While we’re waiting to find out which design is the next Plate with a Purpose ™ our buyers are tallying up your votes and contemplating your comments on last week’s Community Voting App goods.

From kids activities to cuteness for the kitchen, here are a few of the new goods you loved!

This or That? Activity Book

This or That?

Mel said:  “Another way creative idea that will have my 2nd grader really thinking outside the box and journaling as well! Just to show you how much I like it, I’ll buy it for my son!”

Jessie said:  “Why weren’t companies this smart back when I was a kid. I’m jealous of the future generations that will be so much smarter and more creative and more comfortable expressing themselves as a result of crazy, out-of-the-box-thinking companies like whoever came up with this idea. No fair…. p.s. love it.”

This imaginative book features 50 interactive pairs of illustrations prompting kids to choose “this” or “that.” Playful choices such as “Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?” prompt kids to get creative in activities including writing poems and stories, drawing and collaging. The community agreed that this kids’ activity book is uncommonly clever.

Cartoon Door Stops

Cartoon Door Stops

Charlene said: “Would definitely buy. I am already making my list of people who would love it.”

Andrea said: “This is great! And a great price! Really cute for gifts. Affordable to give as a birthday gift.”

These delightful door stops hold the door while making a statement! You loved that they are fun, creative and affordable.

Animal Mug with Spoon

Animal Mug With Spoon

Blah said: “These are precious! The spoons are adorable.”

Valerie said: “Super cute! Great for grown ups and kids! Would make a kid drink all their milk, no problem!”

An adorable way to stir sugar in your coffee or chocolate syrup in your milk, you loved that these mug and spoon combos are not only practical, but also pretty darn cute!

Do you love these new goods? Leave a comment and let us know what you think! Each week, we’ll post roundup featuring fresh community approved items. Want to read more comments from voters like you? Check out last week’s roundup and check back soon for more This Just In!

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