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Hearts & Stars!

August 26, 2011

Rachel said: “Love this ornament. I love the shape of hearts and purchase interesting items whenever I can.”

Dari said: “This would be a great “under $20″ Xmas gift! Nice that it’s made in USA. I would put one in my window or garden as a suncatcher!”

Handmade by Brenda Griffith these wire ornaments feature colorful glass at the center to capture light. Would the star be a bright accent to your home decor? Would you gift the heart to someone you love? Which twisted wire ornament is your favorite? Tell us by voting and sharing your feedback on our community voting app.


Owls, Bags & Breakfast

June 8, 2011

So far, our Community Voting App is a hit! We love all of the fantastic feedback that’s been coming in about potential uncommon goods.

New items are added to the voting tool weekly, and our buyers are hard at work getting community approved items ready for purchase. We’re excited to see what you have to say about the next batch of goods up for voting, but until then here’s a roundup of a few of  your decisions so far.

Owl Bowls

Owl Bowls
Suzanne said: “I NEED these!!! Too cute and not a crazy price tag!”

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Judge a Book by its Cover

May 4, 2011

We’ve gotten a great response to our Community Voting Tool, and we love hearing what you have to say about potential uncommon goods!

Now we’re calling all voters to help us make another important decision. Our buyers want to know which potential title you like best for this vintage-inspired “Book” E-Reader Cover.

This protective cover makes your e-reader look like a hardcover classic, so why not give it a classic book title?

e-reader cover

Leave a comment and let us know if you’d like to see this “book” branded with Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Darwin’s On The Origins of Species, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Andersen’s Fairy Tales, or The Bible.

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