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Uncommon Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge: Why Did the Dad Cross the Road?

June 8, 2016

21361_dads_playbookThe fact that dad jokes are terrible isn’t exactly carved in stone, but it’s often taken for granite. Recent studies show that dad humor is actually full of useful information. For example, the fact that chicken coops have two doors because if they had four, they’d be chicken sedans. Or the fact that employees of calendar factories can get fired if they take a couple of days off. Or the fact that dreaming about being a muffler can leave you exhausted the next morning. So the astounding secret of dad humor is that it’s really a covert campaign to share fatherly wisdom, in the guise of cringe-worthy jokes and punishing puns. But don’t look to your dad to help with your knowledge of math: another study has shown that 5/4 of fathers are bad with fractions.

Dad’s Playbook | $13

Uncommon Knowledge

Uncommon Knowledge: What Do You Give the Cosmonaut Who Has Everything?

June 6, 2016

23414_060616Some Father’s Day gifts fall squarely in the category of “you shouldn’t have” (we’re looking at you, football-shaped TV remote from the mall). But some gifts for dad are truly stellar. Take for example the talking picture frame presented to cosmonaut Yuri Usachev in 2001. A gift from his daughter back on earth, the state-of-the-art frame made its odyssey from earth to the International Space Station thanks to Radio Shack, which filmed the presentation for a commercial. Guess Moscow’s department stores were fresh out of “My Dad’s Out of This World” mugs.

Outer Space Sand Art | $110

The Uncommon Life

Instagram Challenge: SUMMERTIME

June 24, 2015


Much missed, summer is officially here; you’ve probably been made acutely aware of that fact if you’ve had any trouble booting up your AC this past weekend! It may mark the end of (cozy) sweater weather, but summer means it’s time to put the work aside and enjoy some fun in the sun. Whether you’re kicking back on the beach and soaking up the good vibes, taking a much-needed vacation with your family, or just dodging the heat with a pitcher of cold iced tea and an ice cream sundae, we want to see how you’re enjoying this special time of year! While sharing your summertime snapshots, be sure to use the hashtag #UGInstaFun to be in the running for a $50 gift card. Visit here to see the entries we’ve received so far, and scroll down to view our favorite inspiration from Pinterest.

From the entire UncommonGoods team, we hope you have a fantastic summer!








Congratulations to @mariinfanti for winning the Father’s Day Instagram Challenge with this cute picture of dad and the kids!


The Uncommon Life

Instagram Challenge: FATHER’S DAY

June 11, 2015

Instagram Challenge | Father's Day | #UGInstaFun

So your dad might not be on Instagram, and we would be pretty surprised if your grandpa knows what a #hashtag is. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t join in on #UGInstaFun! Whether it’s your pops opening his funny Father’s Day gift, or your family enjoying a new adventure together, we want to see how you’re celebrating your favorite guy’s special day. While sharing your Father’s Day photos, be sure to use the hashtag #UGInstaFun to be in the running for a $50 gift card. Visit here to see the entries we’ve received so far.

From all of us at UncommonGoods, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Father’s Day!


Congratulations to @sarastubbert for winning our Adventure Instagram Challenge with this breathtaking photo of her excursion in the Sahara Desert.

Instagram Challenge Winner | Adventure