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Crush the Clichés: Our Least Mushy Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 27, 2017

UncommonGoods | Our Least Mushy Valentine's Day Gifts

For many, Valentine’s Day means Cupid’s arrows, red roses, and hearts on EVERYTHING. But for a lot of other folks, the thought of presenting someone with a giant teddy bear holding a plush heart that reads, “I Wuv U” seems a little silly. Sure, we appreciate the classic approach to V-Day gifting, but we’re all for celebrating the holiday without all that over-the-top, sentimental, gooey stuff, too. In honor of those lovebirds who are sweet (but not sappy) and romantic (but still realistic), we created this collection of lovable gifts, minus the mush.

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Super Sweet Gifts for All Your Valentines

January 23, 2017

Whether you’ve settled down with someone who sends you over the moon, are falling hard for a guy or gal you can see yourself with for the long haul, or are just getting to know a new flame, you’re probably thinking about getting them a gift for Valentine’s Day. Of course, February 14 isn’t only about romance. It’s also a time to show the other great loves of your life how much you appreciate them. Celebrate those close to you, whether they’re friends, family, or happen to have fur or fins, with this assortment of super sweet gifts for all of your valentines.

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Gifts for Her:
A Long List of Stuff She’ll Love

December 13, 2016

What do women want? An age-old question so fraught that there was even a rom-com made in an attempt to answer it (in the year 2000, a simpler time). When the holiday season rolls around and our gift shopping lists are looming large, it’s a question that’s bound to resurface for many of us. Being a woman myself, I feel confident in providing the following answer: women are wholly individual human beings with unique wants, desires, interests, and feelings. Whaaaat?! Shocking, I know. Therefore, a list of gifts for women can seem kind of vague. Don’t be discouraged, though. We’ve one-upped the traditional “gifts for her” guide and have done our best to curate a list of lists, if you will, to help you find gifts to match the varied interests of your female friends and fam. Here’s hoping you find something every special lady in your life will truly love.

For the mixology maven on your list, shop our DIY kits, decor, drinking games and more. They’re all beer and booze-inspired, and sure to create a buzz. | See More Gifts for the Home Bartender>>


There’s a reason we say “hostess with the mostest” rather than “host with the most.” Aside from the fact that the former is cuter and includes a fun, made-up word, when it comes to party planning, ladies often take the cake. Shop our presents for the woman with an exceptional eye for the details that make any event, big or small, extra awesome. | See More Gifts for Party Planners >>

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Uncommon Gifts for the Earth Mama

November 21, 2012

The Earth Mama is a special lady. She’s in touch with her surroundings. She’s down with nature–whether it’s the wind, grass, and trees encapsulating her country hideaway, or the energy of the bustling city streets and other people, all sharing the planet and working with one another. She’s been called a hippie, a new ager, a granola girl, and a bohemian. But she doesn’t mind, because she dances to the beat of her own music and knows that her tune is just one song on the universe’s eternal playlist. So what do you gift someone with such deep love for the sublunary world? One of the organic, handmade, responsibly-created goods on this list could be the perfect uncommon gift for an unconventional gal.

Zen Elephant Garden Sculpture / Inspirational Totem Necklace / Embroidered Belt / Roaring Fork Valley–Renee Leone / Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand / Agate Coasters / Stone Finish Organic Bowls / Garden Pens / Wool Landscape Scarf / Beer Soap 6 Pack

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