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Friday Giveaway: Hand-Forged Kitchen Tools

September 10, 2010

ETA 10:26 AM, Sept. 13: Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Congratulations to Jennifer, our latest Friday giveaway winner. Her favorite pizza topping is the garlic dipping sauce– which is a great answer for almost every slice.

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This week’s giveaway comes with a really awesome story.

After 20 years of working in a high-production industry, Al Stephens decided to become a blacksmith. He visited Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site in Illinois, and soon became a volunteer in the 19th century blacksmith shop where they had bellows, a coal forge, anvil, and vise. For the next few years, Al developed his skills by working with other blacksmiths who taught him the trade.

And by 2000, he and his wife Sylvia had started their own blacksmith shop. Today Al makes items like the pizza cutter and cheese slicer by hand, in his shop in rural northern Alabama.

Impressed? We certainly are!

This week we’re giving away two hand-forged kitchen tools available on our site– a cheese slicer and a pizza cutter— to one lucky reader.

Want to win? You know what to do! Leave a comment below telling us about your favorite pizza topping or type of cheese. Then leave a comment on our Facebook wall, and tweet @uncommongoods on Twitter to triple your chances.  We’ll announce the random winner on Monday.

Want to learn more about the art of forging metal? Al Stephens suggests you go out there and try it! The Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America has local affiliates all over the country. Find a group near you and attend the regular meetings. Al says, “One-on-one teaching is an excellent way to learn, hands-on style.”

And it certainly paid off for him!  Happy Friday, everybody!

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Friday Giveaway: Fall Accessories

September 3, 2010

ETA Tues 10:35 AM: Congrats to Mandy who told us, “I’m spending a few days with mom then hopefully heading to Kingsland, GA for the catfish festival!” She’s the winner of the sari scarf.

And Deanne Ross: “Oktoberfesting & heading to the shore this Labor Day weekend!” She’s won a bike tread belt and letter press money clip.

Hope everyone had great holiday weekends! Stay tuned for future giveaways by subscribing to the Goods via RSS.

Is it already Labor Day weekend?  On Wednesday, an NYC transit operator reminded folks in my subway car that there were still 22 days of summer left, but it’s hard to not be thinking about the start of fall, especially with Hurricane Earl set to bring all this rainy weather.

So this week we’re giving away two separate gifts that are perfect accessories for the changing seasons.

The sari scarf ($45) comes in cinnamon or turquoise/lavender and is perfect for that time of year when it gets a bit chilly in the early mornings and late nights, but it still feels like summer during the day. Upcycled from vintage saris in India, this gorgeous scarf is a patchwork of rich, warm-colored pieces of luxurious silk.

And we’re also giving away a set of a bike tread belt, handmade in Portland, Oregon from recycled rubber road or hybrid bicycle tires, and a letter press money clip, handmade in Seattle and inspired by antique letterpress publishing. Both are great items to take out of town on your last long weekend of the summer,  or for Tuesday morning when you’re back at work.

Leave a comment below to enter, and let us know what you’re doing for Labor Day weekend.  Then triple your chances to win by tweeting and leaving a comment on our Facebook wall.

We’ll announce two random winners on Monday morning.  Feel free to let us know which giveaway prize you’d prefer– we’ll try to take it into account!

Happy Friday!

ETA 2:11 PM: Whoops! I forgot that we have Monday off. How about you all get an extra day to enter, and I’ll announce the winners on Tuesday!

Maker Stories

Dog Blueprint Giveaway

August 16, 2010

Congrats to Amy S. who loves Jack Russel Terriers and shared this sweet story: “Jack Russels are the best. Mine Sargent Pepper, usually called Sargent, Stinky or Bubba, is the greatest dog in thee world. When Sargent met my fiance a little over 3 years ago, it did not go well. Sargent was my protector. And Adam was very allergic. It was a tough start, but I wasn’t going to give u. Then a year later, Adam was in a horrible car accident and Sargent would not leave his side. I cant’ separate these two now for anything. The bedroom used to be a ‘dog free zone’ but now Sargent sneaks in to share his pillow.”

Amy is now the proud owner of a Jack Russel Dog Blueprint!


Thanks to everyone else who left a comment! We loved hearing your stories. Remember you can subscribe to the Goods via RSS and get a heads up for all our future contests and giveaways.


We’ve loved all the emails you’ve sent us about your favorite dogs this week. We’re working to add many more breeds to our dog blueprint collection.  And in the meanwhile we want to say thanks with a Friday giveaway!

Leave a comment below, telling us about your favorite breed of dog, to win a free Dog Blueprint.

And triple your chances to win by tweeting about your favorite dog breed to @uncommongoods, or leaving a comment on our Facebook wall. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter name in the comments, so we know to count you!

Be sure to leave your comment by Saturday at midnight ET.  And we’ll pick a random winner to announce early next week.

Happy Friday!

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Maker Stories

Joseph & Joseph Giveaway

August 6, 2010

Congrats to Lindsay, who said, “My favorite thing to make is hearty fall and winter soups. Potato, vegetable, french onion and cauliflower soup. Warm, filling soup … yummy!” She’s winning a set of Elevate kitchen utensils.

And congrats to Amanda, who won the nesting prep bowls. Her favorite meal is, “kabobs! Yum! So simple! So tasty! So easy!”

Thanks to everyone who left a comment! Remember you can subscribe to the Goods via RSS and get a heads up for all our future contests and giveaways.

Happy Friday everyone! In lieu of our usual Friday Scavenger Hunt and in honor of National Inventors month, we’re giving away a set of elevate kitchen utensils and a set of nesting prep bowls from innovative designers Joseph & Joseph!

To enter is easy. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what your favorite dish to make is. Make sure to leave your email address and name when you submit a comment (Don’t worry, your email address won’t be public – It’s just so that we can contact you.) Also, leave your twitter name if you have one!

Wait there’s more! If you want to triple your chances, tweet your comment to @uncommongoods and leave a comment under the post on our Facebook wall for up to two additional entries. Everything must be posted before 12 noon ET on Sunday. We’ll announce the lucky winners on Monday.

Happy Friday!

The Uncommon Life

Introducing: UncommonGoods Scavenger Hunt!

July 23, 2010

scavenger hunt_1
Not like you needed another reason to put off work on Friday…but we will give you one anyways:)

The UncommonGoods Scavenger Hunt!

Here’s how it works:

We will put up a cropped photo of something that we sell (see photo above). Clues will be given out every 10-15 minutes on Twitter. Contestants will troll our website looking for the chosen item. The first person to write the correct answer in the comments below wins a $25 gift certificate to UncommonGoods! Be sure to include your Twitter name if you have it.

Here’s your first clue:

I try to dodge work whenever possible.

Tune into Twitter for more clues!

Good luck!

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