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What Did the Ketchup Say?

May 19, 2011

What did the ketchup say?

You guys have squeezed out some great quotes, and we need help picking the winner of our latest caption contest.

We’ve narrowed it down to our favorite five, so leave a comment letting us know which caption you want to see featured on our website!

1.) “The ketchup is rushing to my head!”- Denise Doldron
2.) “Mustard beat me to the burger, I’m just trying to ketchup.”- Jennifer Meehan
3.) “Don’t squeeze me, bro!”- Alyson M. Olander
4.) “Wait, wait, I can’t see what I’m doing.”-Nancy J Fedder
5.) “Oooh-hoo-hoo, that TICKLES!” – Jen Fletcher

Want a few more good laughs? Check out our facebook page, where you can view all of the entries.

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