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The Uncommon Life

Ja’von’s Uncommon Mom

April 27, 2011

Mother’s day is May 8th, but we’re skipping the greeting cards and opting to show our moms some love blog style! Today, Ugooder Ja’von tells us a little about her Uncommon Mama, Denise.

Ja’von’s Uncommon Mom

What’s one of your favorite memories with your mom?
Her kindness. She rarely ever gets upset!

What valuable lessons have you learned from your mom that you couldn’t have learned without her?
There are so many things that I’ve learned from her! My top 3 are:
1. I learned that being a single mom doesn’t have to be the end of your life but the beginning of a fun-filled chapter, in a book that’s even better than the first.
2. You never know who’s going to see you, so always be ready to make a first impression.
3. Nothing is owed to you and no one will work as hard for you as you will for yourself, so always dig your heels in and bring your “A” game.

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