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Noteworthy Design: Wedding Wishes

June 8, 2012

Picking a personal wedding gift is tricky. It has to be sentimental, but not too cheesy. Functional, but with more appeal than the stereotypical kitchen appliance. And, of course, it should be something the couple will cherish for years to come. Our community agrees, David Voorhees’ Personalized Wedding Wishes Vase has it all.

Time and skill go into creating each of these wheel-formed, hand-decorated pieces, but using the finished product is actually quite simple. Each vase comes with a wedding poem (written by Voorhees) and blank sheets for writing your own wedding wishes.

The couple can use the vase instead of a traditional guest book, or place it near the guest book table. As guests enter the reception, they are asked to write their very own special messages to the couple and drop them into the vase for the newlyweds to read on their first anniversary. Since the bottom of the vase is perforated, the artwork doesn’t have to be destroyed for the messages to be enjoyed a year later.

Our buyers loved the handmade vase the moment they laid eyes on it, but wanted a little “relationship advice” before making the commitment to carrying this uncommon good. Our voters agreed that the custom creation is certainly something special.

“This is a really great idea, beautiful and made in the USA,” Christie told us.

Renee agreed, “I think it sounds like a great idea, and gives lots of warm thoughts on the 1st anniversary…”

“I love the idea of opening this on the couple’s first anniversary! The perforated bottom is fabulous, since I would hate to wreck the vessel otherwise,” said Alli.

Now Voorhee’s design is an UncommonGood, and it’s receiving fantastic reviews from those celebrating the marriages of loved ones in their lives.

“This was the perfect answer for a wedding gift for a couple who were older, found love again, had two households to contend with and needed no more appliances or other like items,” explained Judy the aunt from Long Beach, CA. “Family and friends were able to write notes they will open in a year. What a nice way to wish a new happy couple on their way.”

Mary from Ashville, NC also shared a 5-star review: “This is my absolute favorite wedding gift to give! It is a beautifully hand thrown vase that has a personalized message on one side with a floral design hand painted on the other side. At the reception, guests are encouraged to write a personal hand written message to the couple on paper and put it into the Wedding Wish Vase. Then, a year later, on the couples first wedding anniversary, they open the vase and read all the messages the guests wrote to them on their wedding night! How awesome!! This is such a lovely, unique, personalized, meaningful wedding gift.”

We’re proud to see such wonderful feedback coming in for such a clever and beautiful handmade piece. We’re looking forward to feedback from happy couples as they open their Wedding Wishes Vases to read warm messages and words of wisdom in years to come!

Maker Stories

Yes, Mom. There is honey in my hair.

January 9, 2012

(image source, Lesley Anton)

For years, Los Angeles designer Lesley Anton used her empty honey bear bottle to hold dish soap at her kitchen sink. Her clever, eco-friendly idea led to the creation of cast porcelain Honey Bears, paying homage to what Lesley describes as an “iconic form that embodies the American kitchen.”

I was so inspired by Lesley’s dish soap idea that I looked up a few more uncommon uses for the sweet, sticky substance. I am a honey enthusiast. I take on the philosophy of Buddy the Elf: smearing it on toast, on pancakes, in tea, on apples, on peanut butter sandwiches, in lemonade, in cupcake recipes, on a spoon, through a straw. I thought it might be nice to incorporate honey into other domestic situations. Here are nine alternate uses for the iconic honey bear:

Skin moisturizer Mixed with eggs and flour, honey can cure dry winter skin. Add sugar and you have a cake!

Antiseptic When the glucose in honey is diluted in water or body fluids, hydrogen peroxide is gradually released. So dabbing some honey on a wound will not only keep it clean, but it will also prevent a bandage from sticking to the sore.

Energy booster When glucose is absorbed by the brain it reduces fatigue, so add some honey to water to create a quick and natural energy drink after a long night out.

Burn relief Honey has been known to sooth the sting in sunburn and other minor burns. Mix honey with petroleum jelly to create a cooling post-beach lip balm.

Hangover cure In case you weren’t impressed enough with the amazing glucose in honey, it also speeds the metabolism of alcohol, making a hangover pass more quickly.

Stain remover Honey can stand in as a pre-wash stain remover for fruit stains.

Hair conditioner Honey can clear buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils. It will also form a protective layer on hair preventing damage from styling products and other elements. Adding honey to some olive oil and buttermilk will make it easier to use.

Antifreeze Honey will not freeze but also has a considerably high boiling point so it will not evaporate, making it beneficial as antifreeze in the winter as well as in the summer. Some brands of antifreeze also choose to add honey as a thickening agent to coat the pipes of a radiator.

Golf balls Inside every golf ball is a smaller rubber ball filled with liquid. Up until the 1960s, that liquid was honey but has recently been replaced with a synthetic liquid with similar properties.

Who knew there were so many other uses for my favorite condiment? I was hoping it could be used to clean the drool off my keyboard. Will you be trying any of these natural home remedies?

info sourses: Life Hackery, Grandma’s Craft Guides, Modern Mechanix

Gift Guides

Housewarming Gifts

September 30, 2010

Looking for that perfect gift for a housewarming party? Look no further. Gaby Germaine, UncommonGoods’ photographer, lists her 10 favorite products perfect for any new home. Find them all at

  1. Recycled Windshield Bowl: After photographing this vase, I couldn’t even wait a whole day before buying one for my mom. It’s such a delight to visit home and see it on the dinning table with a fresh bouquet of flowers from Mom’s garden. Each season breathes new life into this item. Fill it with pinecones, ornaments, seashells, or anything that inspires you. The options are endless—I’ve even used it to serve fresh lemonade at a party!

  2. Monogrammed Sachets: I love the letter G, though I’m probably biased by the fact that I have two Gs in my name 😉 I’ve been collecting monogrammed or G shaped items for several years now, and was really happy to add this sachet to my collection. It’s so fragrant, and revamps the traditional sachet with its modern design.

  3. Reclaimed Tool Bowl: This bowl is like an “I Spy” game! From chains to wrenches, padlocks and gears, the details here just keep me so interested in exploring this piece. I am in love with its one-of-a-kind nature and the effort behind each bowl—the artist literally pulls items from dumpsters for these!

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