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City Harvest: Food Rescue For New York’s Hungry

October 18, 2010

There are millions of reasons I love New York. Between the pace and the pizza, it’s impossible to choose just one–so I’ll share one of the more inspiring reasons to love this city: local nonprofit City Harvest. In a place where people can seem too busy, seeing a City Harvest truck (or bike!) pass by is an uplifting reminder to extend compassion to those less fortunate.

City Harvest is a food rescue organization dedicated to feeding the hungry, helping over 300,000 New York City men, women and children find their next meal each week. This committed group collects millions of pounds of extra food from restaurants, grocers, cafeterias and farms–and delivers it free of charge to almost 600 community food programs throughout the city.

Not only do they feed and educate millions of New Yorkers each year, connecting local, farm-fresh goods to high-need areas, but City Harvest salvages tons of great food that would otherwise go to waste.  How amazing (and sustainable) is that?

Their goal this season is to collect 28 million pounds of nourishing food to feed the hungry.

Want City Harvest to be our next Better to Give partner? Click here to vote.

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