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Employee Picks: Top Fall Accessories

September 24, 2010

1. Tulip Shoulder Bag

If you know me, you know that I love purses! This one has rich autumn hues as well as an entirely unique tulip shape. There are so many features to mention (like it being organic and recycled) – but instead I’ll give a shout out to Brooklyn where it was designed!

2. Um Carry Bag

I chose the Um Carry Bag because I know this recycled wool clutch would turn heads. I like the attention my favorite accessories get, and this is sure to wow my friends. Nobody would expect how it unzips to lay flat. I would like to dub this “the perfect travel bag.”

3. Colored Pencil Pin

I wouldn’t be a graphic designer today had I not started out with finger paints, chalk, and most importantly colored pencils. This Colored Pencil Pin is adorable and would let me proudly display my love of art. Have you seen Jennifer Maestre’s colored pencil sculptures? This was a no-brainer accessory choice.

4. Berry & Pods Wood Necklace

I’ve been going to numerous dinners and gatherings this year. These activities tend to outnumber the amount of dresses that I own. All I picture is sprucing up my little black dress with this fantastic Berry & Pods Wood Necklace. The splash of lime would add some flavor to my bland dresses.

5. Acorn Necklace

When I was asked to participate in picking my favorite fall accessories, I immediately thought of our Acorn Necklace. Simply put, this necklace reminds me of my childhood. The complexity and beauty is understated but the authenticity is unmistakable.

6. Pocket Scarf

As someone who has lost two iPods already this year, I don’t just want this Pocket Scarf – I need it. Us New Yorkers definitely need scarfs to shield us from the frigid winds and it seems as if this one was designed specifically for me.

7. Crocheted Headphones

I’ve never been a fan of ear muffs as an accessory, but these crochet headphones pull double duty. Not only are the handmade crochet details precious, they come in my favorite color (turquoise)!

8. Embroidered Floral Belt

This Embroidered Floral Belt is a go-to accessory for jeans and sweaters. I think everyone needs a good belt and why not make that perfect belt a handmade, fair trade one from Peru?

9. Organic Scented Sachets

My sweaters have been stored away for months and these sachets allow them to stay just as fresh as they were when pulled from the clothes dryer. They are almost too pretty to be stashed away in dresser drawers.

10. Color Wheel Stick Umbrella

As great as the NYC public transit system is, I am still walking a few miles everyday. This becomes quite troublesome when I am caught without an umbrella. With this ever so vibrant Color Wheel Stick Umbrella hanging by my door, I will never forget to grab it on a gray day. And what a sight from passing planes!

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