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For the Love of Dad

June 8, 2010

Ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of Father’s Day and I’ll bet you a shiny nickle that at least one of these five things will be the answer: ties, grills, sports, watches and/or cufflinks and potato salad. Alright, so maybe I’m the only one who constantly thinks about potato salad.

But you get my point. While Mother’s Day is filled with tears, touching cards and over-the-top gifts, poor old dad is usually stuck with a hideous tie. Not this year! Dads, hold on to your grills because this year UG is gonna shake things up!

For the boozer:

On The Rocks Drink Chillers

On the Rocks Set

cognanc glasses

Cognac Glasses

Mini Travel Bar

Mini Travel Bar

For the swinger:

pro bot

Pro Bot

golf club openers

Golf Club Bottle Openers

For the goofball:

Bucky Balls

Bucky Balls

Ray Gun Pen

Ray Gun Pen

Mr. Robothead

Mr. Robot Head

For the eco daddy:

Gym Floor Frame

Gym Floor Frame

Backyard Torch

Backyard Torch

What’s the most memorable gift you have received for Father’s Day? Or better yet, what’s the best gift you have ever made for the special man in your life?

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