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Gift Lab #10: Keshia’s Beach Party

July 28, 2010

1) Product Name: The Collapsible Party Tub Cooler


Collapsible party tub cooler


2) Background research: I really LOVE going to the beach to just relax and have fun. And sure, a cooler serves as an ingenious concept for serving up an ice cold drink while sun bathing when it’s 80+ degrees outside. But it is always such a drag to have to lug the cooler when packing up to go home after it has already served its purpose. And of course I always forget about that hassle while on my way to the beach because all that is on my mind is having fun in the sun. Now, I find myself trying to convince other people to bring their coolers to the beach outings just so I wouldn’t be bothered with it all, (it only works SOMETIMES).

3) Hypothesis: The Collapsible Party Tub Cooler will give me a way to still serve up ice cold refreshing drinks and not dread the aftermath of lugging a heavy cooler back to the car. And it will make me the happiest beach-goer EVER!

4) Experiment: Unfold cooler. Fill it up with ice and refreshing beverages. Drink and be merry. Empty and fold the cooler back up. Look forward to my next beach visit with my new found favorite cooler!


collapsible party tub cooler

5) Results: I want to give the biggest hug to the creator of this cooler because I absolutely love this idea! It was so nice not to have to lug a big heavy cooler back to the car after I’m wiped out from a day in the sun. The only downer is that it doesn’t have wheels so if I have a number of drinks in the cooler it is a bit heavy to carry. On the upside, when I am ready to go on my merry way I can just fold it up, fasten the Velcro straps and carry the cooler back to the car quite conveniently. It’s also great because when not in use, it flattens down to only about 4″ high! Which is great if you have a packed car. You can just wedge the cooler into the car, and fill it up with ice and drinks when you get to your destination, so it’s not taking up tons of space like a traditional cooler.


collapsible party tub cooler

6) Conclusion: I always joke around that I wish we had things that could be folded up and carried around like they did in the Jetsons’, who would have known that my wish would be answered in the form of a cooler?! The convenience, the bright red color and the cute look of the cooler makes me over look the fact that it does not have wheels. I would certainly recommend this to my friends for purchase. Now I don’t mind taking a turn to be the one that brings the color on our beach outings.


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