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Project Laundry List

October 18, 2010

One simple way that all of us can make a difference is by switching to line-drying. At least that’s Project Laundry List’s stand.

Project Laundry List leads the air-drying and cold-water washing revolution,” says founder and executive director Alexander Lee. Project Laundry List informs Americans about these and other simple, effective ways to save energy and money. Right now they are raising money for a Clotheslines Across America Tour and a series of 1,000 house parties and screenings of a new documentary: Drying for Freedom.

Project Laundry List is a strong advocate of the Right to Dry movement, which believes that we should be able to hang up clotheslines and dry our laundry outdoors, without interference from towns, neighborhoods or condo associations.

UncommonGoods is committed to line-drying; earlier this year, our CEO Dave Bolotsky was a guest judge in the Levi’s Care to Air Challenge. And you’ve told us how much you love line-drying.

Dave says:

“At a time when we’re looking to save energy, for both environmental and financial reasons, line drying makes more sense than ever.  We’ve been doing it at home for the past 10 years and it doesn’t take much extra time.  It’s also refreshing to have one activity a day that does not involve technology.”

Should Project Laundry List become our next Better to Give partner? Click here to vote.

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