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Sweet Treats Week: Recipe #4

July 23, 2010

I love buying my groceries from the farmers who actually grew it.

Strawberry image by Bahadorjn, posted under a Creative Commons License

I just started going to the farmers market at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. In the past I’ve frequented markets in Carrboro, NC, DC and Vermont.  It can be hard to get up on a Saturday morning, but it’s worth it. Just check out this video of the farmers market in Burlington, VT!

But once I get home, I’m stumped. I just bought 3 lbs of strawberries! What do I do?

Last week, after trying out this great strawberry rhubarb pie recipe, I still had tons of ripe strawberries left. So I went with a standby.

Strawberry shortcake. This version is great because it only takes a few minutes and a few ingredients, and really brings out the awesomeness of your freshly picked strawberries. I substitute biscuits for shortcake, and trust me– savory biscuits with fresh strawberries are absolutely delicious.

Strawberry Shortcake

Serves 4


1 lb ripe strawberries, sliced thin

1 pint whipping cream

1-3 tbs of powdered sugar

1 can of instant biscuits (or if you’ve got the time, you can make them from scratch)

So here’s what you do. Pop open the can of biscuits and stick them in the oven. While they’re baking, whip up the cream.  If you’ve got an electric beater that’s great, but if not, it only takes a few minutes with a whisk.  Don’t skip this part though. Fresh whipped cream is essential. As you’re whisking the cream, fold in the powdered sugar to taste.

When the biscuits are done, let them cool on a drying rack for just a few minutes. Slice them open, add a dollop of whipped cream and a scoop of sliced strawberries. Enjoy!

And if you’re looking for something extra to make your strawberry shortcake stand out, check out these great ways to serve dessert.

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