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The Green Mrs. Clean

June 27, 2010

Between vacations, visitors, cookouts, pets and sandy beach shoes, our homes have a way of getting really dirty when it’s warm outside. I’m the kind of person that puts things off until my apartment looks like it might be condemned and then I go on a cleaning spree! My old routine: spray everything down with multi-purpose cleaner, a dash of bleach and a pinch of comet. I would hold my breath and hope for the best.



These days I realize that’s pretty dangerous…not only for me, but for everyone (and thing) around me. By using non-toxic, or even all-natural cleaning products, I seem to get the same results just without the deathly smell and with a little more elbow grease.  There are some money-saving, simple ideas on green ways to clean your home on Care2. From plants to types of water, this information will be a huge help come chore time!

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