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Trust Us, We Wear Lab Coats

April 23, 2010

Missy Joanna Gift Lab

We don’t know about you, but we have a serious lack of the scientific method in our lives these days. You know, the 5-step format to doing experiments often executed with the help of an awesome composition notebook, a lab partner you were generally repulsed by, and a pair of giant embarrassing goggles that left an outline on your face for at least another class period. Come to think of it, were not quite sure why we suddenly have such fond feelings for the scientific method … maybe we just wanted an excuse to test some of our favorite products, and the scientific method just made it seem more official. And that’s how we came up with The Gift Lab: a company-wide operation that calls upon all Ugooders to conduct rigorous tests and research on select products, report on their findings and lead to breakthroughs in the often frustrating and puzzling field of gifts.

So in the name of science, gifts and dangerously high levels of fun, let the labbing begin!

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