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Thank You from AmeriCares

February 11, 2011

To Uncommongoods, your customers and employees,

On behalf of AmeriCares, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our organization and your dedication to our mission. Your commitment to us has helped save hundreds if not thousands of lives. Let me tell you what your support recently accomplished…

El Salvador, photo credit Miguel Samper

Your recent support helped deliver a shipment of crucial medical aid to Darfur, Sudan, to ease the suffering of families in this war-torn region. The air shipment included medicines and medical supplies to treat serious infections, malaria, and other deadly diseases, as well as infection control items, hypodermic needles and rehydration supplies to protect refugee communities. We also delivered nutritional supplements for pregnant mothers and young children to help prevent malnutrition.

Right here in the United States, AmeriCares helped provide lifesaving prescription medicines to families in every state. Since we started our U.S.-based Patient Assistance Program, more than 3 million prescriptions have been filled at an estimated value of over $2 billion!

And our efforts in post-earthquake Haiti – supported by you– have been combating an outbreak of cholera that has infected over 130,000 people. Since late October, AmeriCares has delivered over 40 shipments to 28 hospitals and clinics treating cholera patients, with more shipments planned to re-stock clinics and hospitals to help stem the outbreak.

Haiti, photo credit Kelly Cohoon

Every one of these efforts – and hundreds more in over 90 countries last year – helped save the lives of children, mothers, fathers and other family members in crisis because of poverty, natural disasters, civil conflict, or disease outbreaks. That’s the power of your support.

We are grateful for the chance to make a difference every day in the lives of the most vulnerable, thanks to your consistent generosity. You have our deepest thanks and appreciation.

With gratitude and warm regards,

Amee Tolia,
Senior Associate, Development
To learn more please visit us at:

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