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April 4, 2011

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that shook Miyagi, Japan on March 11, members of the UncommonGoods family are reaching out to lend support to the families of nearly 11,000 who lost their lives and the hundreds of thousands who were left injured and homeless by the massive quake and the subsequent tsunami, which struck Japan’s eastern coastline.

AmeriCares, our Better to Give partner, is working to help those affected by this catastrophic natural disaster. Within hours of these events, AmeriCares began sending relief workers, organizing donations and contacting doctors to provide aid.

“Working with a local partner, AmeriCares distributed hundreds of cases of hygiene items—including soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and paste, diapers, baby wipes and bottled water—to shelters in the hard-hit cities of Iwanuma, Watari and Yamamoto in northeast Japan,” their online newsletter explains.

With thousands of individuals and families displaced, and more than 16,000 people still missing, AmeriCares continues to provide support to those in need.

Here in New York, Brooklyn-based designer and UncommonGoods artist, Yayoi Inada and a number of other talented jewelry designers are teaming up to raise money for Save The Children’s Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief.

On April 9-10, they’re presenting “Ring of Love for Japan.” All proceeds from this event will go to help the earthquake and tsunami victims.

Yayoi, and three other designers, have also created special charms in honor of those affected by the natural disasters.

We are proud of Yayoi, the AmeriCares team and everyone at home and abroad stepping up to help those in need!

Pick AmeriCares when making a purchase at UncommonGoods, and we’ll donate $1 to their Japan relief program.

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