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August 9, 2011

Natural Air Purifying Bag

Ann said: “We need to keep the air cleaner! Plus if it gets rid of allergens-well that’s priceless. And it’s not that pricey either. Does it have an odor to it? How many months does it last?”

Ann may be pleased to know that this practical little pouch is stuffed with bamboo charcoal, a natural, non-toxic, odor-free material that’s been used as an air freshener for centuries in Japan. The charcoal is solar-activated, so you just set it in direct sunlight for an hour once a month and it sops up smelly particles and allergens in the air for up to two years.

Do you agree with Ann that cleaner air is a beautiful thing? If you want to see the Natural Air Purifying Bag in our lineup, go to our voting app and make a stink about it!

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