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State Your Location with Custom Necklaces

July 14, 2011

Next month, we’re hosting an Uncommon Jewelry Challenge, with an open call for jewelry and accessories from designers across the US. This month we’re highlighting our favorite jewelry and accessories makers. Find out more about our design challenges and learn how you can become UncommonGoods’ next favorite jewelry or accessory designer.

Whether you’re feeling homesick or a proud transplant ready to rep your new ZIP code, Rachael Sudlow’s custom state necklaces are perfect for showing off some local pride.

Rachael, who grew up and currently lives in Kansas (what she calls “a rather bland shape of a state”) first got the idea for her necklaces when several friends moved away and wanted charms to represent their hometown.  Rachael said, “My first piece was a little Kansas necklace, and soon after that, my friend requested one for her new hometown in California.”

In addition to hand sawing the recycled silver of each state to accurately represent borderlines, Rachael personally inserts Gemological Institute of America-certified diamonds to represent specific cities.  “I love doing custom items and incorporating a little custom personality into each piece.  Having something specially made for you makes the piece truly an heirloom,” said Rachael.

The custom state necklaces are perfect gifts for your friend moving away or your personal hometown hero!  Also available is the United States Necklace, for those who pledge allegiance to all the states of America.

For more of Rachael’s designs, check out her oak and acorn men’s and women’s rings.

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