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Top 10 Green Travel Gifts

August 8, 2011

Whether you’ve got broad horizons on your mind or are planning an eco-friendly staycation nearby, we’ve lined up our top 10 recycled products and accessories to keep you company on your summer travels.

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Stash your gear in the stylish and sleek bike tube travel kit that brings new purpose to mountain bike inner tubes.

Ideal for beach escapes, these recycled totes are handmade from old sails. Each tote is unique and bears the story of its past life on a personalized tag. Roomy and bright, they’ll hold all your travel essentials.

The versatile and unique reversible bike tube striped hobo is made from recycled bike tubes. The hobo can function as a spacious carry-on or convenient weekender and easily switches from ash grey to an earthy orange depending on your mood.

Our beautifully patterned recycled rice sack lunch bags are great for day trips and picnics. Or, instead of brown-bagging your lunch to work every day, switch it up with a greener option that keeps rice sacks and brown paper bags from going to landfills.

For those that don’t want to give up their soda cans, My Eco Can features a tab top and twist-off cap making it ideal for leak-free travel. Double-walled construction will keep your drink hot or cold.

In case you need to mix work and play, our slim recycled bike tube laptop case makes sure you do so in sustainable style. The bike tubes are sourced from local bike shops in Seattle.

The mosquito net iPad cases give new life to repurposed nets from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  The cases come in a cool grey or utilitarian orange, and feature interior pockets for other essentials.

Graphic but simple, these recycled mail sack pouches are handmade from repurposed mail sacks.  Each pouch is unique and handmade, and are the perfect size for carrying on all your necessities.

Boldly claim your baggage as yours by attaching a recycled bike chain luggage tag to your bags for easy identification.

Keep track of all your experiences abroad or adventures close by in uncommon, recycled fashion: jot down notes and send mementos on paper made from elephant poop. Though made from poop, this paper doesn’t stink: the dung is collected from conservation parks in Thailand and thoroughly cleaned before being pressed into paper.

Thanks to our great selection of eco-friendly items and accessories, you can keep calm and carry on!

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