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June 17, 2011

From recycled records to a bowl that will make a splash, we’ve added some great new items to our Community Voting App this week. Do you agree with what our voters have said so far?

Handmade from real recycled records and other environmentally friendly materials by artist Jeff Davis, these bookends may be the next big hit.

Seneca said: “Super fun! I love it!”

Do you love these Recycled Record Book Ends? Vote now!


Designed by mom, Hanna Lim, this cup is easy to clean, features kid-friendly handles for easy gripping and includes a narrow, valve-free straw. FDA approved for children as young as 9 months, the Lollacup is a clever (and adorable) alternative to traditional sippy cups.

Jeff said: “A great product with innovative design. Fun and easy to use for the kids; Easy to clean for Mom and Dad.”

Would your little one love the Lollacup? Let us know!

Racers Ready Whistle Game

Packed with family-friendly challenges, this upbeat game lets you use household items to compete in races and contests. Racers ready features challenges such as “King Tong” and “Nickel Drop” and includes a whistle and an electronic timer.

Connie said: “Great party game when getting multiple families together or any groups with both kids and adults. (4H, scouts…) Sure to break the ice.”

Should our buyers rush Racers Ready into our product lineup? Tell us why!

Silicone Splash Bowl

Danish designer Henriette Melchiorsen created this bowl based on a splash of liquid frozen in time. Made from a rubbery silicone, the bowl is durable and dishwasher safe. Not only is it practical for holding popcorn, snack mix or even fresh fruit while left on display on your counter, this bold bowl will impress party guests and anyone who passes through your kitchen.

Seneca said: “What a fun looking bowl! I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Looking to add a splash of color to your kitchen decor? Tell us whether the Splash Bowl would do the trick!

Each week we’ll post some of our favorite comments on newly approved items, so check back soon to see the latest results. Here’s what you had to say about the newest batch of uncommon goods!

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