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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Peter Zabor

December 1, 2013
Peter Zabor
Peter Zabor, UncommonGoods Customer Service Team Lead

My hometown is…
I’ve lived so many places, I’m not even sure anymore!

I’m inspired by…
The life and times of Teddy Roosevelt (The original Knickerbocker). I really admire and am inspired by his industriousness, his drive and his strength of character. His life was one giant adventure and I try to emulate it as much as I can.

Something that always makes me laugh…
Anything that is so absurd, you’re not sure if it is even real.

My favorite UncommonGoods customer interaction so far was…
We have some amazingly intelligent and knowledgeable customers. I love learning new facts and new things from customers. From learning the “true” pronunciation of Missouri (“Mizzura”) to the explanation of weather patterns in Washington State. We even have history buff customers who keep us in check with our items and make sure that our facts are straight!

An uncommon fact about me…
I’ve climbed in a lot of high elevation mountain ranges. From Alaska, Colorado, Kilimanjaro, to Tibet. Highest I’ve climbed is 21,000 ft.

The word that best describes me is…

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
The best way to improve yourself is to be surrounded with people better than you.

Would you rather be able to go anywhere in the entire real universe, or travel to all fictional ones?
I’ll stick to the real universe and head off to Ulan Bator.

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  • Reply Roman December 16, 2015 at 12:50 pm

    Peter, my number is 6467301181.
    I lost your number.

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