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Uncommon Knowledge: Why do you need a bridesmaid dress?

May 19, 2014

Personalized Beach Wedding Scene | UncommonGoodsBridesmaids’ dresses now might be the source for collective groans and unflattering necklines, but their origins included a lot less taffeta and a lot more body guarding. During the long walk from the bride’s home to the church, she ran the risk of attracting evil spirits or even running into jealous ex-lovers (awkward…) To protect her from these unpleasant run-ins, the bride’s closest friends were asked to wear a dress similar to the bride’s, so as to trick the spirits or jilted beaus. If this sounds like a tough job, the original duty of the Best Man takes the wedding cake—the groom’s best swordsman served as his armed guard in case the bride’s parents changed their minds and a kidnapping was in order. Now sit back, find the bride something borrowed and blue, and be glad you live in modern times.

Personalized Beach Wedding Scene by Leana Fischer, $85-195

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