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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Alisha Blechman

April 20, 2014

Alisha Blechman | UncommonGoods

Alisha Blechman, UncommonGoods Senior Manager of Purchasing and Drop Ship
My hometown is…
NYC (a transplant from Manhattan to Brooklyn).

I’m inspired by…
People, beautiful places, funky music.

My favorite thing about managing Purchasing and Drop Ship is…
It’s never boring, it’s always challenging, and I have a great team!

The phrase that best describes me is…
Sleep deprived.

If I could teleport to another location for 24 hours with no limitations, I would go… and do…
I’m not very picky, anywhere beautiful and warm with my family sounds perfect.

An uncommon fact about me…
I drove across Eurasia in something that resembles a clown car, except instead of clowns, me and my friends were inside.

Working at UncommonGoods I’ve learned…
Why it’s called “Black Friday”!

Would you rather… Be put in charge of re-organizing US airport security with the certainty that your changes would be implemented, or spend a month in the country of your choice with your husband and new baby?
While reorganizing US airport security is something I have honestly day-dreamed and fumed about (mostly while waiting on ridiculous airport security lines in my previous life as a management consultant), I would love a month relaxing with my family! This is my first child and I’m blown away every day watching him learn new things – a month of QT would be fabulous!

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