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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Stephanie Jonsson-Coffee

September 14, 2016


Stephanie Jonsson-Coffee, Copywriter

My hometown is…
Salisbury Mills, New York.

An uncommon fact about me…
I find four-leaf clovers all the time. At this point I’ve lost count, but if I had to guess I’d say I’ve found more than 500 total. I can’t say I have the luck of the Irish on my side since my red locks come from Swedish and Spaniard stock—I suppose that’s another uncommon fact!

If I could meet anyone, living or not, I would choose…
Before I got into the wild world of copywriting, art history was my first love, and my specialty was medieval history. That being said, I’d love to pick Pope Gregory the Great’s brain. His writings about the didactic potential of images revolutionized Western art. Whatta guy!

The word that best describes me…

I’m passionate about…
The power of language.

The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is…
Seeing the Giotto frescos in the Scrovegni Chapel blew me away.

When I was little, I dreamed of…
I was, and am, a bit of an oddball, and as a kid I loved thumbing through books about unusual world records, mysterious creatures, UFOs, and freak events. I ate it up! Although I didn’t know the words then, I guess you could say I dreamed of becoming some sort of oddity archivist or a curator when I grew up.

Would you rather… have to eat only cafeteria food for a year, or have to cook three meals a day, every day for a year?
I’m a big fan of hands-on learning, so while I’m not the best cook, preparing three squares for a year is a challenge I’d graciously accept, much to the chagrin of my husband and probably my dog, too!

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