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Our Guide to Eighth Anniversary Gifts: From Stoneware to Sculpted Bronze

July 30, 2017

As you inch ever closer to your tenth anniversary, the gifts you’re giving start to seem a little more permanent. From delicate paper and cotton wares in years one and two, you’ve graduated to materials with some heft, at least on the traditional side of things. Consider the options with which you’re presented to honor your eighth anniversary. Bronze? Pretty sturdy. Pottery? Breakable, sure, but only if you make a grave mistake and, say, trip and fall while carrying your prized llama mug—otherwise, the stuff tends to stand up pretty well. Modernists, meanwhile, are faced with linen and lace for their eighth anniversary—both fine materials that speak to the strength of your bond. Read on for ten of our most uncommon takes on both bronze and pottery, from virtually indestructible “candles” to nostalgic handmade keepsakes, plus: one heartfelt lacy find.

Traditional: Pottery and Bronze

Custom Wedding Bowl | UncommonGoods

Memorialize your wedding date with this charming handmade serving vessel. For a personal touch, choose the color of your bowl—be it blue or brown—and of your pair of snuggled-up lovebirds, available in a range of shades, from jade-like celadon to deep, dark blue. 

Custom Wedding Bowl – $85 Buy Now »


Pottery Oil Candle | UncommonGoods

Much like your bond, this polychromatic candle is designed never to break down. Handmade in Florida, its wick is made from fiberglass, a material that won’t deteriorate the way a cotton wick does. And inspired by ancient oil lamps, it’s powered by liquid Paraffin, a material you can replenish again and again. 

Pottery Oil Candle – $32 Buy Now »


Teal Teardrop Earrings | UncommonGoods

A departure from your typical pottery gift, these earrings transform earthenware clay into wearable works of art. Sculpted and stamped by hand, their intricate design and deep teal glaze make for an impression at once striking and subdued. 

Teal Teardrop Earrings – $40 Buy Now »


Bike Lovers Wall Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Handmade in Athens, Greece, this sculpture is the first gift on our list to feature bronze. Crafted by UG favorite George Roumanas (whose studio we visited not too long ago), it’s a perfect keepsake for the partner with a fondness for two-wheeled transport, and a touching way to pay tribute to your eighth anniversary.

Bike Lovers Wall Sculpture – $80 Buy Now »


Personalized Songbird Vase | UncommonGoods

Celebrate eight full years together with a handcrafted vase made just for you two. (You’re the lovebirds, get it?)

Personalized Songbird Vase – $150 Buy Now »


Shibori Dishware Collection | UncommonGoods

Each item in this dishware collection is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted in Missouri and glazed to resemble Japanese shibori cloth. Whether your other half is an avid tea-drinker in search of a new, improved mug or a seasoned entertainer looking for a dinnerware set that stands out, this varied collection has something that will hit the spot. 

Shibori Dishware Collection – $36-128 Buy Now »


Hot Rod Car Sculpture | UncommonGoods

If your love has a soft spot for hot rods, this charming bronze-and-aluminum sculpture will elicit a smile and recall bygone days of drive-in movie theaters and soda fountains… whether you were alive in the ’50s or not. 

Hot Rod Car Sculpture – $290 Buy Now »


Stoneware and Crackled Glass Coaster Sets | UncommonGoods

These striking coasters’ crackled surfaces result from the interaction of stoneware clay, glass, and colored glazes, making every set as unique as your long-lasting love. 

Stoneware and Crackled Glass Coaster Sets – $32 Buy Now »


Vintage Trailer Sculpture | UncommonGoods

If you’ve ever dreamed of running off together with nothing but a vintage Airstream in tow, this endearing sculpture—handcrafted in Michigan—will make for a cheeky, yet romantic way to celebrate your eighth anniversary. 

Vintage Trailer Sculpture – $290 Buy Now »


Personalized Handmade Mosaic House Sign | UncommonGoods

By the time your eighth anniversary rolls around, you’re probably pretty comfortable referring to yourselves as a family unit. Why not cement your union with a handmade mosaic inspired by subway tile in New York’s Lexington Avenue/59th Street station?

Personalized Handmade Mosaic House Sign – $725-825 Buy Now »


Modern: Linens and Lace

Custom Wedding Gown Cufflinks | UncommonGoods

Turn your lacy train into a custom keepsake with these made-to-order cufflinks, a heartfelt, personal token of love for those among us who like things a little more modern. 

Custom Wedding Gown Cufflinks – $150 Buy Now »


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