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Our Guide to Fifth Anniversary Gifts: Knock on Wood

July 21, 2017

Your fifth anniversary is a big milestone, and one you should celebrate happily—after all, you’re 1/10 of the way to year 50! But it’s not time to start giving gold yet; on the contrary, “wood” is the word for your fifth year together, and, if you’re feeling kinda modern, so is “silverware.” With so many options for wooden gifts—from furniture to cutting boards to Jenga to, well, trees—it can be difficult to sift through your options and choose something that’s sure to speak to your spouse. That’s where we come in, with an uncommon spin on ten traditional fifth anniversary gift ideas, like clocks, cutting boards, picture frames, and wall art… plus, as always, one modern-themed gift to quench your thirst for the contemporary. Read on below.

Traditional: Wood

Personalized Compartment Valet - UncommonGoods

Made from maple, this sleek valet is designed to house everyday items in its top two compartments, with its lower level dedicated to special keepsakes—and the transmission of a heartfelt message of your choosing.

Personalized Compartment Valet – $80 Buy Now »


Reclaimed Wood Bike Silhouette Art - UncommonGoods

If your honey’d sooner spend hours on a bike than pose for a couple’s portrait, this handmade assemblage incorporating upcycled bike tubes, metal, and strips of colored plywood may just do the trick.

Reclaimed Wood Bike Silhouette Art – $150 Buy Now »


Personalized Whiskey Barrel - UncommonGoods

Relationships get better with time—a little like a fine whiskey, we think. Age your favorite blend to perfection with a miniature barrel made just for the two of you.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel – $85-200 Buy Now »


Songbird Eyeglass Holder - UncommonGoods

Other half always losing their glasses? Help them stay on top of things with this pretty little songbird, handmade in India.

Songbird Eyeglass Holder – $28 Buy Now »


Wooden Wine Glasses - Set of 2 - UncommonGoods

For those among us who’d rather drink wine than do, well, much of anything else, these made-in-Colorado wooden wine glasses make for an ideal fifth anniversary treat.

Wooden Wine Glasses – Set of 2 – $132 Buy Now »


Custom Wooden Photo Print | UncommonGoods

Need something a little more special than your typical framed photo? Try one of these custom-made prints on birch plywood. (The standard size even comes with a stand.)

Custom Wooden Photo Print – $50-125 Buy Now »


Cheese & Crackers Serving Board - UncommonGoods

Like you and your honey, cheese and crackers are a match made in heaven. Celebrate how well you go together with this playful serving board.

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board – $48 Buy Now »


Personalized Lazy Susan - UncommonGoods

Who doesn’t love a good Lazy Susan? This charming version reserves a spot for your last name, hometown, and the year of your wedding, making it a great way to say “hooray!” for your union.

Personalized Lazy Susan – $185 Buy Now »


It's a Date - Wine Bottle Glass Calendar - UncommonGoods

Handmade from recycled wine bottles and wood salvaged from the beams of old homes, this rustic calendar can be used daily or as a static marker of an important date—your anniversary, perhaps?

Perpetual Art Glass Calendar – $125 Buy Now »


Personalized Cutting Board - UncommonGoods

Made from maple wood hand-carved to include your names (or your family name), this cutting board serves as a unique tribute to your marriage.

Personalized Cutting Board – $159-166.75 Buy Now »


Modern: Silverware

 Pocket Utensil Set - UncommonGoods

Perhaps more useful than a traditional pocket knife is this collapsible set of silverware disguised as a multi-tool, perfect for the modern, itinerant partner with a taste for fine culinary fare.

Pocket Utensil Set – $16 Buy Now »


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  • Reply Nikole Brown September 3, 2017 at 10:15 am

    How many great ideas! I’m looking for a gift for my husband as we’ll have our fifth wedding anniversary soon. I like traditional presents, and as my hubby works as a programmer, I thought about a wooden notebook from But I’ve found more awesome ideas here, and I like a personalized time clock most of all. Thanks for sharing such a great post!

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