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Our Guide to Ninth Anniversary Gifts: A-Tisket, A-Tasket, A Woven Wicker Basket

August 1, 2017

Ah, year nine—merely 12 months away from year 10! It’s a milestone in its own right, and one you deserve to celebrate in style. Tradition dictates that willow, the material most often used to craft wicker, is the gift to give for your ninth anniversary, but… well… we don’t sell a lot of willow, and we fudged it a little. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of woven wares on offer, from handcrafted baskets that symbolize friendship to edamame grow kits that come with wicker bowls to bread-warming blankets that aren’t made of wicker at all, but sure do look like it. Read on for our top ten willow-inspired picks, plus, as always, one modern gift, this time a reprise of (vegan) leather.


Traditional: Willow/Wicker

Hot Air Balloon Mobile | UncommonGoods

Imagine yourselves flying up, up, and away together with this charming indoor mobile, which comes complete with delightful little wicker baskets.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile – $95Buy Here »


Woven Wine Tote with Glasses | UncommonGoods

Woven from bits of water hyacinth, this rustic wine tote reserves a spot for each of the six wine glasses included in your purchase, making it easier than ever to cart your ninth anniversary bash from room to room.

Woven Wine Tote with Glasses – $39.99Buy Here »


Bread Warming Blanket | UncommonGoods

OK, this one isn’t really made of wicker; it’s just printed to look like it is. But with its heat-holding capabilities, it’s still a great gift for any bread-loving lover—and who among us doesn’t love bread?

Bread Warming Blanket – $30Buy Here »


Large Seagrass Nesting Sari Baskets | UncommonGoods

Handmade from sustainably harvested seagrass, each woven basket in this suite of three sports handles crafted from upcycled saris for a pop of color.

Large Seagrass Nesting Sari Baskets – Set of 3 – $100Buy Here »


Handmade Nesting Baskets | UncommonGoods

With their graphic zig-zag pattern, these nesting baskets—handcrafted in Senegal from cattails and strips of plastic—make for a bold addition to any mudroom. Because everyone who’s been married for nine years has a mudroom, right?

Handmade Nesting Baskets – Set of 3 – $136Buy Here »


Accordion Pouf | UncommonGoods

If you’ve ever caught your sweetheart looking longingly at a pouf memorialized in the pages of Good Housekeeping, look no further than this piece of fold-up furniture. Crafted from cardboard, it includes a wicker disk for an extra bit of flair.

Accordion Pouf – $110Buy Here »


Edamame Grow Kit | UncommonGoods

If your spouse is one of the lucky few to possess a green thumb, why not encourage them to grow some classic Japanese bar food in honor of your ninth anniversary? You’ll reap the benefits, too. And don’t worry: In keeping with the ninth anniversary theme, this kit even comes with a little wicker bowl.

Edamame Grow Kit – $15Buy Here »


Handwoven Nesting Baskets Set | UncommonGoods

Made in Rwanda, these elegant baskets are just the right size to house a ninth anniversary bouquet (cough) while adding a bit of graphic punch to your sweetheart’s otherwise serene desktop.

Handwoven Nesting Baskets Set – $42Buy Here »


Handwoven Hope Basket | UncommonGoods

Each one of these handwoven baskets is one-of-a-kind, though each also features a sunburst pattern symbolizing hope—an apt keepsake, we think, to give as you celebrate your ninth year as a lawfully wedded couple.

Handwoven Hope Basket – $68Buy Here »


Handwoven Friendship Basket | UncommonGoods

Also known as the agaseke basket, this traditional woven Rwandan vessel symbolizes friendship and provides just enough space for you to hide a little extra something special within. (Think candy.)

Handwoven Friendship Basket – $50Buy Here »


Modern: Leather (the Vegan Kind)

Fez Mosaic Embroidered Wallet | UncommonGoods

More cruelty-free (faux) leather coming your way! This striking wallet is as pretty as it is functional, its embroidered surface unfolding to reveal a whopping 12 credit card slots, plus space for cash, receipts, and your ID.

Fez Mosaic Embroidered Wallet – $28Buy Here »


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