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Our Guide to 40th Anniversary Gifts: Red as a Ruby

August 21, 2017

It’s your 40th anniversary, and that means it’s high time for us to cover yet another material that both traditional and modern gift-givers can somehow agree upon. This go-round, it’s ruby, a precious stone known for its blood red color, and we’ve run with that distinction, picking out ten of the best and brightest crimson items in our assortment to mark the occasion. What can we say? We don’t sell ten different types of rubies, but we do sell a whole lotta cool red jewelry, glassware, and wall art. Plus, there is one real ruby in here. Read on for more.

Traditional & Modern: Ruby

Poppy Paperweight | UncommonGoods

Crafted from red and black pigments carefully infused into molten glass, the ruby-hued poppy that brightens this Scottish-made paperweight symbolizes renewal and remembrance, a fitting sentiment as you reflect upon your 40th anniversary.

Poppy Paperweight – $75 Buy Now »


Wed to a space nerd? This pair of cufflinks will show them you care in a subtle, yet fitting way: with a duo of bright red heart-shaped nebulae. 

Heart Nebula Cufflinks – $28 Buy Now »


This handcrafted steel sculpture features a red-painted heart inscribed with your names and the year you wed, arriving ready to hang—and to add a bit of personal 3-D flair to your walls. 

Personalized Heart Wall Sculpture – $95 » Buy Now »


Crimson Heart Bracelet | UncommonGoods

If bold jewelry paves the way to your honey’s heart, this eye-catching bracelet is sure to please. Sustainably crafted from Tagua seed by fairly paid South American artisans, it’s a gift that looks good and that you’ll feel good buying, too.

Crimson Heart Bracelet – $34 Buy Now »


Handmade in Rhode Island, this deep red vase sports a heart-shaped neck and just enough space for a tender year 40 bouquet. Go ahead, fill it with your favorite blooms… assuming they, too, are red, of course. 

Heart Vase in Rose – $25 Buy Now »


Crafted in Philly with the aid of ancient techniques, each of Jim Loewer’s beautifully pigmented bowls captures the time-honored symbol of the heart with a hint of abstractness and a whole lotta energy. Perfect for the other half who’s known for their unique style, every bowl is one-of-a-kind and shaped by hand. 

Heart Bowl – $98 Buy Now »


After four full decades of sipping wine side by side, the pair of you are practically sommeliers, no? Prove it with this personalized print that sports your names, your wedding date, and even the name of the venue where you married—a wonderful touch to toast your 40th anniversary. 

Vineyard Wedding Personalized Art – $300-500 Buy Now »


Wrap your sweetheart up in love with this ruby red scarf made from upcycled saris. Each is handcrafted in India by a women’s collective, giving otherwise cast-off strips of silk a new lease on life. 

Vintage Silk Sari Wrap – $58 Buy Now »


Could it be? Real rubies? Yes! Like the stone in the Emerald Crystal Ring from our 15th anniversary gift guide, the rubies featured in these earrings are lab-grown, but they’re made from the same stuff as the real deal—and they’re pretty cool looking, to boot. 

Ruby Crystal Talisman Earrings – $165 Buy Now »


Alas, our trip down Real Ruby Lane is over, signaling it’s time for a return to good ol’ ruby-colored stuff. Show your love that you keep their heart right in the palm of your hand with this tender stoneware sculpture hand-carved in Kansas City, KS. 

Heart in Hand – $100 Buy Now »


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