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Uncommon Personalities: Meet Erin Fergusson

April 10, 2013
Erin Fergusson, UncommonGoods Senior Manager–Merchandising

My hometown is…
Richmond, VA – Short Pump to be exact.

My favorite product that I’ve brought into the assortment at UncommonGoods is…
AH! THIS IS TOO HARD! Recently, it would have to be the Bike Tube Belt with Layered Chain Buckle. This belt uses a cool recycled material in a really creative and attractive way.

And in jewelry it would have to be the Birth Month Flower Necklaces. They are so beautiful and have such a touching sentiment that our customers love. It also helps that it is my best selling necklace!

This isn’t jewelry or accessories, but it is one of my favorites that Katie and I found: USB Typewriter.
It is a stop-you-in-your-tracks wow item that gets me excited!

I’m inspired by…
Passionate people that drive big change in our world and people who live their lives to the fullest through experiences.

My guilty pleasure is…
Ice cream with extra caramel.

An uncommon fact about me…
I have seen lions take down a giraffe while on safari in Africa!

My favorite place to eat in New York City is…
Shabu-Tatsu in the East Village. You cook thin meat and veggies in a pot of boiling water, and dip them in delicious sauces. It is so yummy and pretty guilt free!

My style is…
Colorful, unique, and accessorized.

Working at UncommonGoods, I’ve learned…
Surrounding yourself with brilliant, creative, and inspirational people is the most fulfilling environment to work in.

Would you rather… Jog to work every day with super speed (and take the subway home) OR ride your bike home every night (but, when you got home it would mysteriously disappear from your apartment and appear at UG, so could ride it home again the next day)?
Ride my bike home every night and have my bike appear at UG, because I love riding my bike AND that would be magic!

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