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Our Favorite Products This Week

April 4, 2018

Our Favorite Products This Week | UncommonGoods

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks—all just for you.

1. A set of bookends that’ll take you to the heart of the forest.

Majestic Forest Bookends | UncommonGoods

Meticulously detailed—Those trees? They have little leaves!—these pretty bookends will make you feel like you’re on a woodland hike, but without, you know, the exertion.

Majestic Forest Bookends – $65 Buy Now »


2. A doormat that brings the beach to you.

Footprints in the Sand Doormat | UncommonGoods

We won’t even ask—by now, we’re all over the winter. So ride out the final few months ’til summer with the aid of this festive, welcoming doormat.

Footprints in the Sand Doormat – $28 Buy Now »


3. Zip-up plushies that feed on youthful worries.

Worry Eating Plush Pals | UncommonGoods

Like worry dolls, these huggable pals are designed to keep childhood anxieties at bay. Just have kiddo write down what ails them, unzip their plushie’s mouth, and “feed” it, and lo and behold—instant relief. (We hope.)

Worry Eating Plush Pals – $23 Buy Now »


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Maker Stories

This Just In-spiration: Meet Unicorn Cupcake Entrepreneur Jillian Donaldson

April 3, 2018

Photo by Inspired Life Photography

It doesn’t take too much to please us here at UncommonGoods. Give us a creative handmade good or a heartwarming story and we’re more or less set. Throw in a unicorn or a sweet treat and we’re even better than set—we’re stoked. So perhaps it’s little wonder that pastry chef Jillian Donaldson and her Unicorn Cupcake Kit so readily caught our attention. I mean, vegan-friendly fondant alicorns, anyone? It’s hard to say no to something so cute… and so tasty.

Unicorn Cupcake Kit | UncommonGoods

If Jillian’s—a.k.a. Jill’s—sparkling sprinkles haven’t enchanted you yet, we don’t know what will.  If they have, sit tight, ’cause you’re in for a treat. For the latest installment in our This Just In-spiration series, we spoke with Jill about family, the joy of baking, and sturdy mixers that double as special trinkets. Read on for more. Continue Reading…

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April Birthday Gifts for Impossible-to-Shop-for Friends

April 1, 2018

We’ve all got that friend who seems to have everything, but for whom cop-out birthday gifts are simply not enough. Thankfully, “uncommon” is our middle name. Or our first name. Whatever. The point is, we’ve got plenty of stuff your tough-to-shop-for bestie will love. Just keep scrolling.

1. Porcelain planters shaped like prehistoric pals.

Porcelain Dinosaur Planters | UncommonGoods

Who doesn’t love a little dino? Whether your best pal’s a fan of T-Rex, long necks, or the three-horned triceratops, these planters—perfect for low-maintenance succulents—will be sure to please.

Porcelain Dinosaur Planters – $40 Buy Now »


2. A spigot that rocks (pun intended).

Stone Drink Dispenser | UncommonGoods

Are we entering dad joke territory? We don’t care. Just have ’em pop a bottle in the top and their booze presentation will be solid.

Stone Drink Dispenser – $153 Buy Now »


3. A petite superhero that holds up their favorite books.

Hero Bookend | UncommonGoods

Trust us, he’ll watch over their prized hardbacks.

Hero Bookend – $25 Buy Now »


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UncommonGoods Staff Favorites
of the Week

March 28, 2018

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks—all just for you.

1. A cookbook you write (with help from your fam).

Log your culinary experiments alongside tried-and-true recipes like Grandma’s lasagna with this write-it-yourself hardbound cookbook.

My Family Cookbook – $35 Buy Now »


2. A dining set that makes mealtime constructive (and fun!).

Picky kiddos? Banish mealtime woes with this plate and set of utensils that make even vegetables fun to eat.

Construction Plate & Utensils – $14.95-$17.50 Buy Now »


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Over Pink & Blue? Our Favorite
Gender-Neutral Baby Products

March 26, 2018

Sick of pink? Bored by blue? Or maybe a gender reveal’s… not for you.  Whether you prefer non-gendered kids items or you’re just waiting to be surprised when the kiddo arrives, there’s plenty to love in this roundup of our favorite gender-neutral stuff for your baby.

1. A cute taco mobile to spice up any nursery decor.

Baby room decorations don’t have to be mushy. This one’s an ode to your favorite crunchy cuisine.

Taco Dreams Mobile – $48 Buy Now »


2. A babysuit you donut want to pass up.

It’s never to soon to treat your little sweetie to the joy of a good pun.

I Donut Care Babysuit – $22 Buy Now »


3. Soft teethers ’til baby can crunch on the real deal.

Help your little sweet pea sooth sore gums with these 100% organic cotton teethers. They even come in a wooden vegetable crate for storage, so they double as playful decor.

Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate – $36 Buy Now »


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11 Genius Kitchen Gadgets
You’ll Actually Use

March 23, 2018

Busy foodies: This one’s for you. We put together our favorite time-saving kitchen gadgets so you can chop, infuse, grate and get to the noshing sooner. Are you crazy about cheese? Do you dig empanadas? Scroll to reveal your full-bellied future.

1. Toaster bags that make gooey grilled cheese in a pop.

Melty comfort food without the mess? Slide bread and cheese (that’s all you need!) into the clever pouches, place in the toaster, and boom: a delectable treat.

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags – $9.99 Buy Now »


2. Sheer kale and herbs in seconds.

Eating well feels so good but can be so hard to do. Don’t waste another second debating it. Have your greens and herbs prepped in seconds with this clever steel tool.

Kale & Herb Razor – $15 Buy Now »


3. An all-in-one chopper for lightning fast prep.

You don’t need super sharp knives or TV chef level skills to dice, chop, and mince like a pro. Press down and voila!: Ingredients are ready to sizzle.

3-in-1 Produce Chopper – $49.99 Buy Now »


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The Uncommon Life

Introducing the New York Paid Leave Coalition

March 22, 2018

UncommonGoods team members are passionate about their work. As partners, parents, sons, and daughters we’re also committed to family. All workers should be able to balance the two, but nearly 85% of Americans aren’t able to take paid time off to care for a new child or seriously ill loved one. In fact, the United States is the only highly industrialized country that does not mandate paid family leave. That’s why we’ve been voicing our support for Paid Family Leave laws in all 50 states, including in our home in New York. To continue these efforts, we’re proud to partner with the New York Paid Leave Coalition.Starting January 1, 2018, New York became the fourth state to officially launch a Paid Family Leave program, which means that New York’s working families no longer have to choose between caring for their loved ones and risking their economic security.

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Gift Guides

Gift Lab: 3-in-1 Produce Chopper

March 21, 2018


3-in-1 Produce Chopper


I love to cook, but I don’t love to chop. Not only am I slow, but my knife skills (or lack thereof) tend to mutilate veggies into useless blobs. I saw this gadget on the UncommonGoods website, and I knew I had to test it out.


With my new produce chopper, I’ll be able to churn out delicious dishes much faster than I could with my old chef’s knife.

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