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Do not lick your computer screen

July 20, 2010

It’s about this time every summer, when I feel like I’m no longer living on Earth but on the surface of the sun, that I switch over to a diet consisting mainly of ice cream, iced tea, sherbet, sorbet, watermelon, berries and the occasional piece of icebox pie.  All of these are usually consumed while sitting in front of a fan/air conditioner: a true triumph of heat-induced laziness.

And so, in honor of sugar comas and ice cream headaches, this week is all about sweet summer treats! Below are some of my favorite ways to serve summer drinks and desserts.  And for the rest of the week, we will be posting yummy dessert and drink recipes, including raspberry lime pie, sunshine cupcakes and the perfect mojito. What are your favorite summer desserts and drinks? Share with us below!

Sweet Treats for Summer

From top left: Tweet Tweet Cupcake Set, $12.  Ice Cream Bowls, $36. Old-fashioned lemonade crock, $135. V’reens dessert and appetizer tray, $50. Cupcake corer and decorating set, $20. Pittoon Platter, $45. Glass Ice Cream Bowls, $30.

Gift Guides

Happy National Ice Tea Day!

June 10, 2010
Happy Hour Carafe

Apparently, June 10 is National Ice Tea Day! Fine by me, I luuuuuuuv me some ice tea.

My personal favorites are just plain ol’ sun tea (which is a 1,000 times better than any other kind of ice tea), sweet tea made with tons of sugar (as my Kentucky boyfriend tells me, you must,  absolutely must pour the sugar into the water while it is hot, don’t just dump it in at the end – it is not the same!). Iced peppermint tea is super refreshing and reminds me of being at a fancy  spa or salon. And I also love Arnold Palmers, which are half ice tea/half lemonade, and very, very tasty.

And let us not forget, presentation is everything!  For a simple and elegant (not to mention practical), go with the Happy Hour Carafe (pictured above). It’s double-walled insulation will keep tasty teas nice and cold – and you won’t get a sweaty bottle! The cap also doubles as a cup. I can imagine myself lounging poolside in Miami sipping iced tea out of my elegant carafe, being fanned by servants, ordering sorbet from my personal waiter…did I also mention I’m a millionaire in this fantasy?

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